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Dim Sum will be another exciting component of dining at Summer Palace. Our guests will be able to experience this traditional Chinese cuisine in which small portions of foods, from steamed or fried dumplings to an assortment of rolls and rice balls, will be served throughout the course of their meal.




水晶虾饺 Crystal Shrimp Dumpling

传统豆沙包 Red Bean Steam Bun

豉油蒸凤爪 Steamed Chicken Feet

脆皮炸春卷 Spring Rolls

芝麻球 Sweet Red Bean Sesame Ball

萝卜糕 Radish Cake

安虾咸水饺 Crispy Sticky Rice Dumpling

上海小笼包 Shanghai Style Dumpling

鲜虾烧卖 Shrimp Shumai Dumpling

招牌香芋包 Sweet Taro Crispy Bun

香芋包 Sweet Taro Crispy Bun

香煎水饺 Pan-Fried Dumpling

钟水饺 Dumpling with Chef-made Spicy Sauce

糯米鸡 Lo Mai Gai

小天鹅酥 Pumpkin Puff